A pair of earrings designed as ruffled orchids in blue aluminum set with tourmalines and a scattering of diamonds and tourmalines; mounted in white and yellow gold; in original Emmanuel Tarpin pouch

• Diamonds, total weighing 2.66 carats
• Paraiba tourmalines, total weighing .40 carat
• Namibian tourmalines, total weighing 5.80 carats
• Measurements: 2 5/16 x 2 3/16 inches

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Born in 1992, French designer Emmanuel Tarpin has already established himself as a noteworthy emerging talent in contemporary jewelry design, drawing inspiration from nature to create remarkable sculptural pieces. Known for his creative approach to jewelry making and his experimental work with metals, Tarpin creates one-of-a-kind pieces at his studio in Paris. Town & Country named him “Breakthrough Designer of the Year.” His work is exclusively available from Siegelson.

The flower is the most ancient form of adornment. Before metals were made malleable and stones cut and polished, a bright bloom could be tucked behind the ear, or vines twined around a neck. Throughout the thousands of years of jewelry history, blooms have never fallen out of style. Emmanuel Tarpin’s elegant treatment of the orchid elevates flower jewels to the sublime.

Prized for their rarity and beauty, orchids have been treasured and cultivated for hundreds of years. Raised in the Alps, Emmanuel Tarpin is deeply inspired by the chromatic colors of the rare blooms found in the mountain region. For this pair of orchid flower earrings, Tarpin created his own hybridized variation of the flower created from the best characteristics of various orchid types, realized in blue aluminum and stones. Tarpin is also deeply inspired by the painted fabrics in Caravaggio’s works, and the ruffled blue petals evoke the sumptuous fabrics represented in classical art. The use of color in the set stones is masterful, with a scattering of diamonds and Paraiba tourmalines emanating from the greenish Namibian tourmalines at the center of each flower.

Town & Country, described Tarpin, their Breakthrough Designer of the Year, as “A sculptor by training, the French designer takes an artistic approach to his work, producing only a few superlative pieces a year. Each is an optical illusion, a sublime, nature-inspired piece that mesmerizes with depth, texture, and color.” These exquisite earrings are bold and sumptuous when worn, an exploration of blue coloration that are light and comfortable. Available only from Siegelson, these important one-of-a-kind earrings would be an important acquisition for any collection.