A pair of ear clips, each featuring a pear-shaped spinel framed in varying shades of purple-colored ceramic, suspended from a similarly framed cushion-shape amethyst; mounted in white gold

  • 2 pear-shaped spinels, weighing 36.72 and 35.80 carats
  • 2 cushion-shaped amethyst, weighing a total of 13.75 carats
  • Measurements: 2 3/4 x 1 3/16 inches

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American Gem Laboratories Gem Identification Report No. CS 39817, dated June 25, 2008, stating the two natural pear-shaped pinkish purple spinels have no heat or clarity enhancement, further noting that their estimated match rating is exceptional-excellent.


Created from two exceptionally colored pinkish-purple spinels, these earrings are an exploration of the myriad vibrant colors found within the stones. Framed by a ring of white gold encircled by rolled segments of periwinkle and orchid purple, the drops are suspended from similarly framed amethysts. Each color element pulls from the high chroma within the spinels, creating a beautiful and harmonious jewel.

For most of history, spinels were identified as rubies because of their saturated red coloration. It was not until 1783 that the French mineralogist Jean Baptiste Louis Romé de Lisle discovered that they were a different stone. The confusion between these two gemstones is understandable, since they are similar in chemical composition and the stones are usually discovered together. Throughout history, the spinel has been a preferred gemstone for royal regalia; examples are included in the British, French, and Russian Crown Jewels. In the book Gems & Crystals from the American Museum of Natural History, Anna D. Sofianides and George E. Harlow say of spinels that, “Stones weighing more than five carats are uncommon.” These two spinels weighing 36.72 and 35.80 carats, respectively are unusual on their own. It is extremely rare to find a pair of perfectly matched, gem quality spinels in such elegant shapes.

The combination of rare and beautiful stones with the subtle and carefully considered design by Siegelson results in a masterful jewel that is beautiful, fluid, wearable, and will be coveted by top collectors.